It wasn’t until I met you

it wasn’t until I met you
that blonde hair got a new meaning
that golden river had me
thinking of a new beginning

I surely needed one,
a new picture, different landscape
maybe it’s not falling,
but the want of an escape

yet what was I to tell you,
how was I to speak,
I was scared,
I was weak

and you loved him like a martyr
loved him like a saint,
a sketchy character
with a heart that’s faint

I always longed for the man
with a capacity to love the way I do
I didn’t know my golden river
that I would find that love in you

blonde woman



I’ve kept my love for you

I’ve kept my love for you
inside a handkerchief
I folded it and put it in a drawer
so no one could steal it
and the times would not
make its colors fade
I will unfold it when you return home
in the evening, with your backpack
I’ll breathe it and bathe in it

I soaked my nails in my essence
painted them in the colors of my heart
so I can sink them into your skin
as I hold you
so you will feel me to your core
and want me endlessly
until I’ll become one with you
until you are enveloped in me

You’ll be the land, I’ll be the sea.


Goodbye, lover…

I’ve taken life by the reigns
ride my horse in a mad gallop
the mists of time, the prayers of imams
-glowing gems in my hair
on my naked body, love is veil
my eyes are the sword

I’ll sickle you mercilessly

like a pagan priestess,
Godless man, you’ve forgotten
your homeland, your creed,
you burned your soul as incense
as you turned into your own idol

goodbye lover,
leave, stranger…