Have we forgotten how to be women?

This post is not written by me. I’ve only translated it to english, because I think it delivers a very interesting message.  Down below you will find a link to the author and her blog.

grace kelly”Each time I watch an old movie, I look at the women in the past with nostalgia and admiration. And when I turn my eyes to the present, I realize women have forgotten to be women. They probably wanted so much to be equals of men, that they lost balance. They don’t know anymore how to be beautiful, educated, feminine, ladies.

They want to be pretty and they are convinced that to achieve this they must be thin enough and have big breasts. They want to be sexy, but they are vulgar. They confuse fashion with style. They don’t have personality and imitate everything that seems to be popular. Despite freedom of expression, there seems to be a lack of dressing appropriately, that’s why certain clothes and jewelry are worn anytime and anywhere.

Many times I have there feeling that a need for exhibitionism dominates, otherwise I can’t explain the display of personal things, the overdone outfits, the abundance of opulent jewelry, worn pointlessly worn, excessive make-up and bad manners. Even perfume is excessively worn and chosen as trends come and go. The hair is too red, too big, too curly, the face is mutilated by fake expressions. Too much pink, glitter and illogical accessorizing.


Many women are preoccupied  […] with the image in the mirror, at the expense of education and cultivating their spirit. They compare themselves obsessively with other women and become addicted to the approval of others.

They complain men don’t notice their inner beauty, but they only show their bodies.

And yet, they want to be beautiful, elegant, admired, women! They are convinced they would need a lot to become this, but they omit the essential.

Common sense is a fundamental criteria that should help a woman not become ridiculous through behavior and style. A woman with common sense respects herself and the people she talks to. She does not irritate others dressed inappropriately and negligence towards herself.

A elegant woman is always elegant, without any effort, because elegance is a part of her personality. […] She will not draw attention by being loud, will not laugh like a madman and will not make scenes in public. She will look discreetly and will not stare, she will not gesticulate with ample gestures. She will not rush, and will have a silent dignity that will make others respect her […]. She will not participate in degrading discussions and  will not answer to trivial or coarse remarks.

She will not go to obscure places […]. She will know when, how and what to speak. […]

A woman means simplicity, naturalness, discretion, tenderness, sensuality, warmth, good humor, sensitivity, inner beauty, she knows how to make herself pleasant and be a good example. […]

What happened to the woman that in the past would inspire poets and painters with her beauty, charm, and mistery? Where did the woman full of elegance, refined eroticism, the innocent woman, the spiritual woman disappear? ”


Since I am all about femininity, I mostly agree with this post, except the parts where someone should feel like they have a duty to make themselves liked by other people. I believe in being true to yourself, your real nature and who you are. Even if you will turn into a pretzel, there will always be someone who will not like you, who will not agree with you, who will always have a bad remark.

I also believe woman should not give up their charms for the sake of feminism and independence. We should not try to turn feminism into trying to become better men, as I’ve read somewhere, in a book (whose title I can’t remember right now).  I believe women should be feminine, but not give up being firm, or assertive for fear of looking masculine, nor should they give up their dark side ( C.G. Jung, the concept of ”shadow”), but rather embrace is, so they are born to fullness.

So, ladies and gents, what are your thoughts about femininity?

What are the most graceful and feminine figures that come to your mind?

What are the women you admire the most and why?